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Drop the Old Ways: 5 Old SEO Methods That You Should Not Use

Ever since search engine optimization was created, a lot of people used different methods to gain the potential customers and ranking that their site needs. Over the years, people have been using the same methods and in an event of an algorithm change, these methods are no longer effective. These methods are getting old and useless at some point. So if you don’t want to be dismissed by search engines because you are using old SEO techniques, you need to know what they are and perhaps it’s time that you stop using them. Here are the top 5 old SEO methods that you need to get rid of:

 • Focusing on Google alone – who doesn’t want to be on top of Google’s ranking? We all want that and perhaps it is the aim of every website owner, knowing that Google placed your site on their top results page is probably one of the best achievements anyone could have. This is a big mistake, keep in mind that Google is not the only search engine online. There’s Bing, Yahoo! and many others. Take a look at your stats, how much percentage do you have in terms of getting a rank in Google? Maybe it’s time that you create another diversion in this matter. The most successful websites should always have a backup plan.

• Scrapping Contents – another big mistake that most website owners do. Instead of creating a new and unique article contents, they end up copying other people’s work! This is your chance to prove that you can create awesome blogs and articles for your site, why won’t you do it? It isn’t that hard. Understand that plagiarism is a big NO in SEO so if you want search engines to make use of your content, create original ones! Get your creative juices working and give it your best shot! Scrapping contents will not do you any good, its best that you do not use this method.

• Ignoring a good web design – some people think that “meh, I don’t need a good web design, I just need to focus on getting the top spot,” so they end up not investing on a real web design. Big mistake. Many people don’t seem to grasp the idea behind having a good website design. Understand that a good website design can help in increasing your chances in SEO so do hire an expert in web designing if you wish to take your website to the next level. Don’t ignore it, if you do, you may not be as successful as you think.

• Submitting articles – there are many websites that allow SEO writers to post different articles which give them the chance to quickly link back to their own sites. Though yes, this may have been effective back then but it isn’t as effective as it is now. There are many ways that you can create good and strong links other than submitting articles to websites. You can be a guest blogger to bigger SEO sites with the same niche as yours. This will definitely give you the chance you need to have that link you need. So don’t just settle for article submission, go out there and find other means to create a good link. This is a good opportunity for you to take.

• Relying on automation – there are sites that have automated-everything. They make use of automated answers, automated comments, automated reviews, and automated this and that! If you do this then you will lose the chance of truly interacting with your potential customers. Not only that, automated marketing is not generally acceptable by Google and other search engines. If this is your case, you may end up being punished by these search engines thus lowering your chances of ever getting the ranking that you need. So automation is a big NO.

Make sure that the SEO methods you use are fresh, new and up to date!

There are many other old SEO methods that do not work these days and with the unpredictable changes in algorithms, you may just lose your ranking if you are still using these. So don’t just stop there, go ahead and explore new ideas. You will be happy to know that new ideas can actually help your business in SEO.

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