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Top 6 Awesome Qualities of a Trusted SEO Consultant

These days many people claim to be experts in SEO. Truth is, anyone who thinks they know about SEO can declare that they are indeed experts in this field and if you are someone who is new to search engine optimization, it’s easy to be persuaded and fall into the wrong hands. However before that happens, know that there are five important qualities that a well-established and trusted SEO have. In case you want to use their services, here are the top six qualities that I have collected that you should take note of.

Is it a good idea to trust the first SEO consultant who claims to be the expert in this field right away?

Makes no promises – a reliable Atlanta SEO consultant will not make any promises they can’t keep. Some people will give you that guarantee of being able to make you the best among other websites but let’s do a little reality check. One, there are thousands, perhaps millions of websites out there that are as equally as or even better than you. What guarantees can they provide you that you can be on top rank within a few days? Sounds fishy to me, no one can be on top even after a few months of hard work, how much more within a few days? A real SEO consultant will not claim to do miracles for you especially when you are new to this field. They will however, give you the best advices on what to do and how you can do it effectively. Makes more sense, right?

Dirty tactics are not welcome – it is a fact that black hat SEO techniques are used by these so-called “experts”. They think that they can make their way around Google and not be caught. But beware, black hat SEO is not welcome in search engine optimization and if Google catches you, your site will not only be de-ranked but there’s also a possibility that you can’t operate again. So know what the DONTs of search engine optimization. This way you will not be fooled by anyone who claims to be an expert in this field. A trusted SEO consultant will always present you organic ways that you can use in getting the right traffic and ranking that you need. If the consultant tries to convince you that there’s nothing wrong with doing black hat SEO then you better stop and think about hiring them.


Knows that Google isn’t the only good thing online – we all know that Google is the big boss when it comes to search engine optimization. However, they are not the only ones that can help your site get the ranking it needs. A good SEO consultant must know how to make use of other search engines too. In fact, using other options besides Google can actually help boost the site ranking if done correctly. Not only that, they will also teach you other ways you can use in getting the rank and visitors you need. Fact is, there are many ways that you can do online. There’s guest blogging, backlinks, keywords and many other organic ways in which can help you around search engine optimization. Those who are not experts in this field have limited knowledge on this. So be aware of these people.

Takes time to know your business – a good and trusted SEO consultant will always take time to know what your business is all about. This way they can come up with the best ideas on what search engine optimization techniques they should use to get the results you need. They will study every nook and cranny of your business and make a plan on what should be done. Notice that those who are not experts in this field will always dive in and will not make any plans. In case they do, you will find that they don’t exactly add up.

Consultants who go the extra mile can always help your business succeed!

Will have more than one ways to offer – you know you are in good hands when the SEO consultant you hired can offer you more than one ways when it comes to search engine optimization. They are updated and well-versed in the latest methods used in SEO and will always offer you good solutions to use. Those who are fronting to be experts do not have this kind of knowledge. Do know the difference and you will see whose worth hiring.

They go an extra mile – the aim of an established SEO consultant is to give results. They go to great lengths to satisfy their clients. They will always find a way to resolve issues and come up with plans to produce results, that’s what you get for hiring the right person. Those who claim to be experts will not be able to do that. After all, they are only after your money and they do not care about the welfare of your business. Know that only a true expert will go beyond their knowledge for the sake of their clients.

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