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3 Important Rules to Follow When Using Twitter as an Effective Marketing Tool

In this digital age and time, almost everyone is in tune with technology and social media. If these two are combined together and used correctly, you will be in advantage over anyone who is conducting their business online. One of the best tools that you can use as a marketing tool is Twitter. These days almost everyone has a Twitter account. Not only people but inanimate objects as well and even animals! Yes, I’m talking about celebrities and other people making Twitter accounts for their pets. It’s a crazy parade of Twitter users but if you know how to use Twitter, you will find that it’s very effective. So how can you use Twitter as an effective marketing tool for search engine optimization? If you have a Twitter account for your product or business then its best that you take note of these tips. Here’s how.

Be conversational – in order to gain followers on Twitter, its best that you build a conversation with your followers. People like it when they are addressed directly rather than talking in general and Twitter makes that possible. If you are promoting your product, don’t be too pushy or don’t sound as if you are shoving it down their throat. People hate that, instead, be welcoming, talk about your product in a way that they can appreciate and understand what’s it all about. This is how you can get their attention.

Post tweets with value – your tweets must be something that your followers can use. It could be links to your products, blogs or anything that your followers can make use of. It could also be photos of your products. Just remember to post something that your followers can enjoy. A post with value can always give you results.

Tweet live – understand that Twitter takes time and if you are aiming for followers, you may need to be a bit patient about it. One of the ways to gain followers is to know what time Twitter is packed with many users and tweet live! According to survey, Twitter is mostly active during Mondays till Thursday at hours like 8am to 3pm. But of course, that’s just the survey, it could also happen any other time. The point is, you need to tweet on a specific time when people are mostly active on Twitter. All you need is to find that time and go live. This way you can reach out better to your followers.

Following these three tips as regularly as you can is the way to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool in search engine optimization. You don’t need to complicate it, just follow these steps and you will be tweeting like a pro in no time. Sure it takes time but what tool doesn’t require time anyway? The more you get to know Twitter, the more chances you have of using it well. So take your time and make sure that you know how to utilize this form of social media. Before you know it, you are already a master in tweeting, good luck!

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