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How to Cook Up an Awesome Content for a More Successful SEO Campaign


Ready to write an awesome content?

Writing up an excellent SEO content can be very challenging especially when you feel like you have written every topic that you can think of. It’s also hard to find a new topic as it will take you hours (even days) to search for a good topic to write about. However, ask yourself this, am I writing a content that is informative? Or am I just writing because I am obligated to write about it? If you can answer these questions then you know that there’s something lacking and it’s not just the topic but the whole content itself should be questioned.

What am I talking about? Let’s be honest for a minute here, writing up a very content is not easy as 1,2,3. Even the most experienced writer cannot come up with a good topic to write about in a few seconds, right? So why not go back to the basics and see what else is lacking in your content. If this is your dilemma every time then here are some great tips you can use in writing up an awesome content.

To come up with a good content, you must remember these:

Know what your topic is all about – sure, finding a topic is not easy especially when everyone has been writing the stuffs you would like to tackle. However, you can always stand up above the rest. The secret to that is, knowing what your topic is all about.

Go ahead, do your research and do it well. Do not limit yourself in one fact alone! This will get you nowhere. Remember that the more you know about your topic, the more expert you sound. Of course, you don’t have to pretend that you know all but a good topic must be covered in all angles, right? So make sure that you do not miss on anything important.

Use the right keywords – in SEO keywords matter a lot. This is your leverage and so you need to use it well in your content. Some people do not use their keywords well and they end up repeating the same word or phrase over and over again. Remember, search engines might think that you are spamming so there might be a chance that they will not index you. To use your keywords well, don’t cram them in one area of your content alone. You can use it in the middle of your first paragraph or on your last one. Of course that will depend on where you are comfortable and how you have placed your words in your topic.

Add images – an image makes your content fun! Keep in mind that some people do not find an article interesting without any visual presentation. So what you need to do is find images that can be related to your content. If you have skills in graphic design then even better! Your talents in designing images will make it easier for you to explain what your topic is all about. Besides, content with awesome images can always grab people’s attention. So make sure that you know how to use images well.

An image like this can easily grab you reader’s attention. I bet you can find something better to add in your content!

Identify your audience and “talk to them” – another good tip to remember when writing content is to identify the audience you will be dedicating your work with. Some writers write generally so their content sounds generic. However, if you have a target audience, you need to speak to them and reach out to them as if they are right in front of you. To do this, identify, identify and identify some more. Are you targeting mothers? Maybe they are young adults dealing with stressors? How about retired men? Once you have identified them, this is where you start. You need to get their attention and speak their language. Know what they want and write contents that are useful to the specific group of people they are in. If you can do this then you will gain more readers and potential customers too.

Maintain quality content as regularly as you can – writing content is not an easy task but you need to write them as often as you can. Not only are you exercising your skills in writing but you are also learning to improve what you know. Don’t just write because you need to, write because this is a part of your business and career. Make sure that the content is of good quality at all times as this will help your business successful. Besides it’s always a good thing to keep a quality standard, this way your readers will appreciate all your hard work.

You want to be on the good list of search engines? Keep posting fresh contents.

In closing, writing content shouldn’t be complicated at all. All you need is to remember these and you are all set. The basics are always important no matter what other people say. They are the basis of everything, so make sure that you don’t forget about these as you write your content today. Enjoy!

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