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8 Awesome and Effective Ways to Increase Your Web Ranking

Getting a rank online is not always easy as putting up a website. Sometimes, you have to check your own website and see if you got what it takes to be ranked in the first place. If you think that your site is not enough then you can definitely add a few tweaks to make it more visible to search engines. Here are 8 ways that you can use in doing so.

1. Always post high quality content – content helps in increasing your web traffic so it pays to post good ones. Post something that people would love to read and engage them to share it with their friends. The more informative the post is, the more interesting it is for your readers. Don’t just post anything but rather take the time to create a post that is useful to everyone visiting your site. You get the idea, right?

2. Be a guest blogger – find sites that has the same niche as yours and see if they allow guest bloggers. An effective way to do this is to find a well-established site that allows guest blogging. It’s actually a good idea to find one that allows you to link back to your own site. This way you can divert traffic on your page too.

3. Add translation – there are billions of people out there whose native language is not English. What better way to reach out to them than putting translation options on your site? If you have a WordPress blog, you have the option to add a plug in which allows you to add translation of any language in your blog. This will definitely help your site in terms of expanding your borders to a wide variety of online users and readers.

4. Go mobile – with the increasing numbers of people using smartphones, online users are always updated with events, blogs and many others. So to make use of this opportunity, see if your site can be customized and be viewed on smartphones too. Sit down and talk with your web designer and see if your site can have this option.

5. Posting comments on other blogs – when you do this, don’t post a generic comment that directs others to your blog. This will look like you are spamming and blog owners will usually delete comments like this. So if you can, make your comment interesting and useful to others as well. Of course, adding a link won’t hurt your comment but make sure the blog owner allows it.

6. Check for broken links – seeing a 404 on the site that you are visiting can be frustrating right? And no matter how much you refresh the page, it always appears the same. This is because there are broken links in your site. To check this, you can search for tools online that can allow you to see if there are any broken links in your site. Don’t worry these tools are free! So it’s definitely an advantage for you.

7. Keep your site clean – by clean, I meant to say that your site should not be clogged up with images and other information. Sure it may seem like you are posting informative stuffs but truth is, a well-structure, clean site is what people mostly prefer these days. Know where to put images and keep it to a minimum. This way your page doesn’t load slowly and lose your potential customers!

8. Update as often as you can – this has got to be the lesson that I have learned the hard way. Since I was always busy, I wasn’t able to update our site’s fan page and as a result, I lost followers and likes, which was pretty hard to gain back I must say! So if you can, post updates, contents and blogs regularly. Not only will this help you in your ranking but it will also tell your customers that your site is not ran by robots.

Truth is there are so many ways to help increase your rankings. Some people will tell you the 30 ways or the 25 ways and so on but the fact is that you don’t really have to do everything all at once. Keep it simple yet effective. The basics are still important and following Google’s guidelines on the methods you should use always helps. May you find these tips helpful as you work on increasing your web ranking.

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