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7 Simple Ways to be Index by Search Engines

To every website owner, being indexed by search engines is important as this can help them in the ranking that they need. To simply its meaning, being indexed by search engines means that you are “found” and that these search engines have put your presence online for other people to see. This also means that your online presence is strong enough to compete. However, not all sites are able to have that due to various reasons. It may be because they are not following Google’s guidelines and perhaps they have used many black hat SEO techniques that is unacceptable to many search engines and not just Google alone. So how can you make sure that your site is indexed? Here are some of the amazing tips you can use.

Search engines use these “crawlers” to index your site.

1. Make sure that you are using the right keywords – you need to identify the right set of keywords to use if you wish to be indexed by search engines. Remember that the more unique your keywords are, the more advantageous it would be for you. Put it this way, if you are customer and you want to use a product, what will be the keywords you type on the search engine bar to look for it? If you are selling a brand or product then you need to think like a customer. Creating a unique keyword or phrase is essential in the process of being indexed. So select it well and use it properly as this will be a big part of your success in putting up a good presence online.

2. Put high quality posts on your site – I have mentioned this in my previous blogs before, all website owners must have quality and fresh contents in their sites. By quality, I mean that the posts are of useful information which readers and potential customers can use. The more helpful your contents are, the more chances you have of being recognized by search engines. Of course, you also need to add the keywords you are using. Utilizing your content is one of the ways that can help your rankings in SEO.

3. Help your site be “found” by search engines – understand that search engines uses “crawlers” or “spiders” in indexing a site. To make sure that your site is one of the indexed site, you need to help it too. In order to do that, you need to submit your site to search engines of course. Sure this can be tricky and you may be wondering how you can do that. The best way to do this is to start joining directories. There are many online directories that you can make use of and some of them can provide you the chance of being indexed by search engines.

4. Have a well-designed web structure – as you already know, first impressions lasts and so if you want to attract visitors, make sure that your website is easy to the eyes and not ridiculously designed. Avoid using software or templates that can only disorganize your site. Try to avoid using flashy colors that will only confuse your visitors and might not even think of going back for a second visit. Make sure that in every page of your site, there’s a link where people can visit. Make sure also that you do not duplicate the pages you have and always use standard header tags for your site to be effective.

5. Keep your site fresh and updated – everyone loves new information so keep your site fresh and updated as regularly as you can. The more you do this, the more people will be visiting your site. Post links, news, videos and anything related to the product you are selling. This will way you are sure that search engines are going to index your site.

6. Always follow The Guidelines – if Google says you can’t do this or that then don’t go around it and do it. They will eventually find out, if they do, they will not index your site or worse, you can never be ranked at all. So always use white hat SEO methods and make sure that you are always using organic ways to achieve ranking. This way you don’t have to worry about any algorithm changes that could affect your site. After all, nothing wrong with following the rules, right?

7. Be patient and stay put – DON’T GIVE UP! Whatever you do, put in extra patience on your work. Understand that search engines may take a while to index your site. Some sites are lucky enough to be indexed in a few hours but not all of the sites have that opportunity. So don’t give up, remember that you are not the only one out there who’s doing these things. Just be patient because in the end it will pay off and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor. After all, if you planted something you are sure to reap the fruits in the future! So do what you must but don’t ever give up.

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