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5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Website for Better SEO

It’s time to clean your site!

Every spring, we have this spring cleaning fever where in we go through all our stuffs and throw out what’s not needed (or give them away) and leave only the things we can use. When the house is clean, the more spacious it is and easier for the whole family to move or do the things they want. This kind of perspective may also be applied to your own website. If you want a clean and better functioning site then you need to clean it out too. Of course, if you want better SEO and plan on changing the strategies you are using then it’s time that you evaluate your site and see what needs to go and what needs to stay. Here are awesome tips that you can use.

Keep it simple – one way to clean up your site is to keep it as simple as you can. Avoid putting ridiculous things on your site. Not only will it make your site confusing but it also slows down the pages when loading. Check your content if you have posted duplicate contents. Remember that a duplicate post reduces the chances of being indexed by search engines. Make your URLs simple yet easy to remember by those who have visited your page.

Check your site’s speed – how fast is your site connection? Is it fast enough for people to appreciate? If you have doubts then you can always check the speed of your connection with the use of Google’s Speed Test. This way you know if you need to change the speed or not. According to surveys, a score of 70 is a good speed but if you can always aim for something higher.

Remove broken links – broken links are a turn off. Who wants to see a broken link anyway? If you have 404 errors then its best that you fix them or if you can, better remove them. You can use free tools online to see if you have broken links. Doing so will help you see the improvements you need to do in your site.

Place social media buttons – to have better SEO results, place your social media buttons like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and others social media networks that you use. This way it will be easy for your customers/audience to follow where you are. This is also a very effective means of being indexed so make sure that you have on your site.

Monitor your site’s progress – if you want a better website then it’s best that you monitor your progress. If you have avid readers and subscribers then you can always ask feedbacks from them and see what they think. Ask them about the changes they would like to see or not see. Opinions from your readers are the key to your site’s improvement, unless of course you can’t stand constructive criticism! See if they have something to say, interact with them and from there, you can improve your site. Remember that you can’t always please everybody but if you use their opinions to make your site better, you know you are on the right track.

Truth is, there are many ways to improve your site. You can read everything but if you don’t have the will to do that then nothing will change. So I do recommend that you start with the basics and maintain it regularly. After all, this is the best way to do it. Good luck!

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