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5 Reasons Why Pinterest Can Help You in SEO

I’ve heard about people debating as to whether or not Pinterest can really help you when it comes to search engine optimization. Many agreed and disagreed but for those who want clarifications, here are some good reasons why Pinterest can help.

As you may know Pinterest is a form of social media wherein people can follow blogs that posts or pins their favorite things, ideas, pictures and whatever it is that interests them. So if you think that Pinterest cannot help you in SEO, you can still use this social media site to help increase your ranking as well as online presence. Here are five of the best reasons to think about.

Include your links when posting – sure, Pinterest may be all about pinning things online but you can also make a good way for people to visit your main blog or site. You can do this by adding links into your post where people can find you immediately. This is a good way to build SEO and at the same time gain the ranking you need. Understand that people can re-pin or like your posts so if this happens, you can direct a good amount of traffic into your site too.

Always help others through promoting – being recognized by other bloggers is a big opportunity so why not repay that? By promoting others, you can help expand your territories online. You can increase the chances of being recognized by recognizing others too. If you do this on a regular basis and if you can find someone who’s worth promoting, do it. Just make sure that the ones you promote have the same niche or interests as yours. This way the right audience is targeted.

Make your posts interesting by description – to gain more attention, its best that you put a brief description of the things that you are pinning on Pinterest. This is always a good way to make your posts interesting. Make it sound fun; put in humor if you can, this always catches a reader’s attention. Put in your keywords as this can help in SEO. See also that Pinterest allows you to have your profile or pins to be shown on search engines. This way you can get people to follow you.

Followers are always great – in order to get more followers, you should also follow people. You must also like or re-pin other posts. Share links and interests with other people. The more you post, the more chances you have of gaining followers and when you gain followers, this could also mean good SEO standing for you. Interact with your followers, answer questions or messages. You can also sync your posts to Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. This way people can see what you are posting on Pinterest, the more followers you have, the better chances you have to expand your search engine optimization.

Don’t forget the Pin-it button – adding this button to your website can allow others to click and pin it to Pinterest. Let’s say you have an interesting article or picture that a blogger likes, with your pin-it button, they can easily share this to their board for others to see. This access allows them to share your stuffs online with the link linking directly to your site. Now that’s a good way to attract visitors to your site!

In conclusion, Pinterest is a very good way to use in SEO but of course, you have to master how the site works first. I have to admit that I had the hard time using it the first time but overtime, I was able to know how it works and it wasn’t that bad. Just as long as you know how to optimize the site, you can surely get the results. Keep these things in mind and see how it works for you.

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