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8 Easy SEO Guidelines for Freshly-made Websites

If you have a new website, the first thing you need to do is to optimize it. Optimizing it correctly will help you get the traffic you need and at the same time boost your site.

Thousands of websites are created every day. This is one truth you can’t deny and if you are one of these people who own websites, what are your chances in terms of competition? Let’s face it, having a new website and gaining people to visit your site is almost impossible for newbies. It’s a long and grueling task to gain momentum and have people click on your site. However, there are a few things that you can do to help elevate your online presence. If you have a new site or if you are new to this whole SEO thing, then here are some tips that you can use, read the following article.

Always post quality contents – first of all, contents should not be ignored. Consider this as the “life” of your website. Use the right keywords as you do and always post contents that are useful, important and helpful to your readers. Don’t worry if you can’t gain the traffic right away. Understand that this does not happen overnight. While this is not happening yet, you can focus on creating contents that will be useful to your site and readers. Research what to write and not just rely on copying other’s work. Remember that plagiarism is a big NO among search engine optimization and search engines will not help you on this either. So make sure that the contents you post are original, unique and you are using the right keywords too. This way you can target the right visitors that you need.

Getting the right keywords is the key – like I have mentioned, the use of right keywords help a lot in getting the traffic you want. Understand that this keywords must be unique but at the same time, used by many online users. Use this keywords in your titles, meta tags, description of images and content. This way search engines can index the contents you are posting on your site. If you don’t know where to begin in finding the right keyword, you can start within a small community or locally. You can also concentrate on a certain age group or group of people. Of course, this will depend on the product or brand that you are selling. If this doesn’t help you, you can always use tools online that can help you find the right keywords. This way you can see what options you have and which ones are already taken.

Use social media and start socializing – a good website must have a strong online presence. You can make use of many social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. to enhance your online presence. Make a Facebook page and share it among your friends. Twitter accounts help too, you can tweet about your products and with the use of the right keywords, you can direct them to your site with just a few tweets. If you can, making videos are always helpful. Youtube is a great online community where in you can post a video about your product, socialize and share links to other people. There are so many ways that you can make your online presence strong and these sites are just a few ways that you can do that.

Make your website pretty – by pretty I mean optimizing your site well. Some visitors will not visit a crappy looking site and if this is your site, you could lose potential customers! And so I really recommend that you take time to embellish your site and make it SEO friendly. Make sure that your pages load fast and the designs will not only leave your visitors impressed but will also come back for more.

Be a guest blogger – there are many sites that are already well-established online. Perhaps they have started earlier even before SEO was even thought of and had grown over the years. Find these sites and make sure that they have the same niche as yours. Ask the webmasters if they can allow you to be a guest blogger for their site. Chances are, you might be able to post a link back to your own site.

Share your links – don’t be afraid to share your website to other people. Like I have mentioned before social media is the best place to do this but you can also do this through other ways like emails or blogs. The more you share your site’s link, the more chances you have of creating a strong presence online. Keep in mind that it is important to establish this otherwise search engines might not even recognize you.

Keep it “private” – don’t overexpose your site especially if this is your first time. Try to keep it on a low key at first. This way search engines won’t think that you are trying to make money that easy and quickly. Make your site non-commercialized on the first few months of its operation. Once you have established a presence then that’s the time you can use other SEO methods. You can even try putting ads on your site.

Buttons and bookmarks – another way to keep visitors from coming into your site is to have different social media buttons on your site. Try adding Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other buttons on your site, RSS feeds may also help. This way people can keep track of your activities and it will be easy to follow you.

These tips are among the easiest ways that you can do for starters. Remember to do these and you will surely have results.

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