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5 Important Things to Avoid When Guest Blogging

We all know that being a guest blogger has its perks and advantages however, what are the things we need to avoid when we finally get to that stage? I mean, let’s face it, it’s not easy to find sites that will allow you as guest bloggers but in case you do find them, you also need to keep note of the things to avoid. Understand that you are not only trying to gain traffic here but also leaving an impression to the site owner and its readers. So if you have plans of being a guest blogger, it’s best that you take note of these things to avoid when you are going to be one. Read on for more.

Take a chance on guest blogging but make sure to keep these things in mind first!

Avoid posting poor quality content – that’s right, since you are going to be a “guest” you need to make sure that the blog you will be posting is of good quality. Avoid mediocre and unplanned contents, most of all, avoid posting blogs that you have never studied and researched for. This way the thought of your content remains good and informative. If you post something that you have researched for then it will be easy for you to answer questions from readers. You will also be leaving a good impression among webmasters so this may also mean that you might have future invites with other sites as guest blogger. So always see to it that you have excellent topics to write about and always make use of your research skills.

Avoid out-of-this-world topics – if you are going to be a guest blogger, make sure that the content you will be posting is in tune with the site’s niche. Sure, we all have our own writing style but if you are going to be a guest blogger, see to it that the topic you are going to write is in relation with the site and its topic. So go on and read about it first, see what the blogs of other people are all about. From there you can eventually come up with a good topic and saves you from posting embarrassing ones.

Avoid posting to sites not related to your niche – you want to gain visitors/customers right? Then why in the world would you be posting (let alone be a guest blogger) to sites that isn’t even related to your niche? I know you want to gain more traffic but sometimes, this doesn’t work well. If you are going to post to sites that aren’t the same as your niche, you will only end up looking like an outcast! And yes, you will standout above others since your topic is off from the ones that they have. So don’t bother trying, avoiding these sites and finding others where your topics are going to be more important and useful to other readers is the best thing that you can do.

 Avoid avoiding replying to comments – understand that posting an article will always have reactions from your readers. If you are not replying to them then what’s the point of your article in the first place? Understand that this is a two way street and communication from the writer to the reader is important. After all, you are looking for the right traffic, right? So communicating with your readers is the best way to do it. Don’t ignore comments on your posts! This will be the key to your success.

Avoid ignoring blogging requirements – as a guest blogger, understand that you are going to tread deeper waters. Webmasters will usually require their guest bloggers some specific requirements like the word count, topic and even the fonts used in submitting the content. So if you wish to be approved by the site owners, make sure that you are able to comply with their rules. Don’t ignore them, if you do, chances are you might not be invited as a guest blogger again. So be wise and follow the rules, you got nothing to lose!

If you are a first time guest blogger, it’s important that you take note of these. This will definitely help you as you make your first post. So take note of them and apply them as you do, good luck!

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