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The 8 Ingredients of a Successful Blog

Creating a blog is very easy, especially with all the resources available today. But it is with creating a successful blog where things can get a little complicated. However, it does not require someone to be an experienced blogger to get impressive metrics. Yes, experience can help […]

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Six Ideas to Improve Your Blog

With the immense competition among blogs today, it is essential that you come up with tactics that will give you the upper hand and stand out from all of them. If you are looking for ways to do so, take note of these six recommendations to improve […]

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What’s Next for Guest Blogging?

It might seem that guest blogging is a dying act but it really is not. Linkbuilding is not dead anyway so this is still a good a strategy as any. It would rather be unlikely that Google will penalize guest posts. However, it just has to be […]

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The Truth about Guest Blogging

If your process charts goes something like: technical audit, competitive and keyword research, and guest blog posts, then you are in for complete failure. Guest blogging is not and will never be a strategy, neither is this a solution for every client and page of your site. […]

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How Joining a Blogging Group Can Help You in SEO

We all know how blogging can create a big impact in your SEO campaign but blogging isn’t the only option you have. In fact, joining a blogging group can make your optimization campaign even more effective. You must be wondering how it could be. If you don’t […]

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Using Guest Blogging for Effective Link Building

We all know that backlinks are the backbone of SEO and in order to have a strong backbone, you need to create good links. Unfortunately, some SEOs fail in this area. When the links created are not of quality then it will not work. So it is […]

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SEO Tips: How to Write Hard-Hitting Headlines for Your Content

  As content writer, it is our job to make contents that are worth reading. It is our job to make the best quality of articles for our readers. It is our job to create SEO friendly contents. However, as much as we want to write fresh […]

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SEO Tips on How to Blog Responsibly

As a blogger you have responsibilities too. Just because you are not seen by your readers and you only post contents that don’t mean you have no responsibility at all. In fact, being a blogger is more than that and with it you have responsibilities to fulfill. […]

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SEO Tips: How to Fine Tune Your Blog for Better Web Traffic

Let’s face it, more and more blogs are getting recognition these days. It is not surprising as many people are now learning about the techniques used in SEO. Because of this, the competition is getting more intense. So how do you keep up with the trends? Can […]

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SEO Tips: How to Let Readers Read Your Content? Make Them!

You can write as much content as you like but if your readers find it boring or unappealing then what’s the use? In fact, there are many ways that your reader might not even want to read your content with just one look at it! Possible? Of […]

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