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4 Important Tips in Optimizing Your Small Business like a Boss!

When you think about it, it seemed impossible to be indexed by search engines if your business online is small. However, that’s not the case; you can have the same advantage that big online businesses have in terms of search engine optimization. In order to do that, […]

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5 Important Things to Avoid When Guest Blogging

We all know that being a guest blogger has its perks and advantages however, what are the things we need to avoid when we finally get to that stage? I mean, let’s face it, it’s not easy to find sites that will allow you as guest bloggers […]

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8 Easy SEO Guidelines for Freshly-made Websites

Thousands of websites are created every day. This is one truth you can’t deny and if you are one of these people who own websites, what are your chances in terms of competition? Let’s face it, having a new website and gaining people to visit your site […]

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5 Reasons Why Mobile SEO Can Help Your Business

As the demand for better and quality phones are on the rise, the number of people making use of mobile internet has also increased. Because of this, many people have access online these days and almost computer related activities are now done through phone. So why should […]

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5 Reasons Why Pinterest Can Help You in SEO

I’ve heard about people debating as to whether or not Pinterest can really help you when it comes to search engine optimization. Many agreed and disagreed but for those who want clarifications, here are some good reasons why Pinterest can help. As you may know Pinterest is […]

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5 Reasons Why Keywords Are Important

If you have a business online then you should know by now that keywords are important in terms of driving the right crowd towards your website. In case you are new to internet marketing then here’s a simple understanding of what keywords are. Keywords is defined as […]

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5 Easy Ways to Clean Your Website for Better SEO

Every spring, we have this spring cleaning fever where in we go through all our stuffs and throw out what’s not needed (or give them away) and leave only the things we can use. When the house is clean, the more spacious it is and easier for […]

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7 Simple Ways to be Index by Search Engines

To every website owner, being indexed by search engines is important as this can help them in the ranking that they need. To simply its meaning, being indexed by search engines means that you are “found” and that these search engines have put your presence online for […]

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8 Awesome and Effective Ways to Increase Your Web Ranking

Getting a rank online is not always easy as putting up a website. Sometimes, you have to check your own website and see if you got what it takes to be ranked in the first place. If you think that your site is not enough then you […]

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How to Cook Up an Awesome Content for a More Successful SEO Campaign

  Writing up an excellent SEO content can be very challenging especially when you feel like you have written every topic that you can think of. It’s also hard to find a new topic as it will take you hours (even days) to search for a good […]

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