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The Libelty SEO Story

It all started at a party.

It was the fall of 2011, and Tom Libelt has been making a steady income from the internet for over a year. He met up with a friend for her birthday party and as they were catching up it became clear that her web design firm was looking for someone that could help their clients with marketing.

He already had success in the field as he helped a few local businesses build their sites and gain significant exposure on the web. They were the ones that he had regular interactions with such as his mechanic, dentist, lawyer etc..

Only two years ago he couldn’t even help his own business. He had a coffee shop that was bought for all of the wrong reasons and with the wrong partner. He quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work out. He didn’t like coffee, disliked spending all of his days at the location and disagreed on the direction of the business. It was time to move on.

The idea of making money on the internet came one day while browsing the web. He made an attempt at making site a few years back but the thought of becoming location independent was strong enough to make him buckle down and start learning.  It took three weeks to get the first site up. The next 30 took less than a month.

There were no breaks or holidays. A typical week consisted of working every single day for 12-16 hours. This went on for months. The first check that came in was used to hire help and as the team grew, Tom was able to start working on the business instead of in the business.

It was all a matter of doubling down on the winners and refining the SEO strategies to build up the properties to a point where they would pay for the living expenses and the team. At that time he was also able to look closer at the entire industry, how they operated and how they dealt with their customers.

“A lot of SEO agencies are driven by adding as many clients as they can to offset the ones they lose” he says, “I just want to bring transparency to this industry and make SEO a ‘no bullshit’ & ‘no risk’ transaction. We don’t take unnecessary risk. I make sure to give clear and accurate expectations. My team controls all of the links so that we can update them as the algorithm changes and always have that buffer in case something might trigger a penalty. We also don’t rent links out on a monthly basis forcing people to stay with us.”

And as an atypical search engine consultant, Tom prides himself on working with a staff that doesn’t fit the mold either. He hires the best in the world and allows them to work from their homes or internet cafes; wherever they can be the most productive.

“We don’t outsource the work here as it simply doesn’t work well for us or the clients. I love to travel and hire wherever I can find the best person for that job. It’s great to land in a different country and have an employee meet me at the airport and show me around” adds Tom.

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